What are the symptoms of Prostate Problems

Many men with prostate problems don’t get any symptoms at all. However, if you have difficulty peeing or urinating it may mean you have a prostate problem (not necessarily cancer), that needs looking into by your Doctor.

Things to spot:
Getting up more than once a night
Urgency in needing to pee or urinate
Back ache
Poor flow, hesitancy a feeling of still wanting to empty after you have finished

But isn’t getting up in the night just part of getting older?
No! If you get up more than once a night regularly see your Doctor for a PSA Test, a simple non-invasive blood test.

How many men will have problems with their Prostate?
1 in 6 men in their lifetime will have problems with their prostate

OK, so what’s the risk of cancer?
Prostate cancer usually quietly develops over a number of years with no symptoms. Although sometimes found in men in their 40’s it is mostly diagnosed in men in their 50’s and 60’s and older. Unfortunately sometimes, it will have spread out of the prostate gland.

Are there men who have a higher prostate cancer risk?
Yes! If your mother had breast cancer. If you have one first degree relative (that’s father,brother,uncle), your risk of prostate cancer increases by 3 times, by 5 times if you have two relatives and if you are unlucky enough to have 3 relatives by 8 times. 9% of prostate cancers are inherited.

If you are an African Caribbean man your risk increases by three times.

How many men get Prostate Cancer ?
1 In 9 men will get prostate cancer in their lifetime in most western countries.

How do I know I have got prostate cancer?
We believe it is very important to get checked out from 40-45 years in order to find any cancer before it has spread. This makes treatment easier, less invasive and more successful.