Prostate Cancer Awareness Film

Wayne Nelson is a local Leicester filmmaker & actor. He has recently written and directed and produced a short film called:

Prostate, Men, Let’s Talk

Like us Nelson wants to help men start the conversation, and feel more comfortable and open about talking about prostate cancer and having regular check ups, even if they do not have any symptoms. He hopes his short film reaches out to spread awareness to people from all generations, young and old!

Prostate cancer surgery at Leicester General Hospital

Prostate cancer surgery at Leicester General Hospital Information for Patients from Mr Paul Butterworth Urology Dept

Robotic prostate cancer Prostatectomy

Mike Newell Patient & Mr Paul Butterworth Urological Surgeon talk about Robotic prostate Cancer surgery at the General Hospital Leicester using the DaVinci Robot.

Radiotherapy Treatment for prostate Cancer

Fiona Kirkland *Senior Radiographer & Bernard Ball Patient talk about Radiotherapy treatment  for prostate cancer at UHL Leicester Royal Infirmary

( *Fiona’s degree is sponsored by PROSTaid)

Play Domino Talk prostate (Cancer)

Local men of the African / Caribbean community explain prostate cancer awareness and the higher risk for black gentlemen and their own experiences of successful local prostate cancer treatment in this inspiring video.

PROSTaid prostate cancer  specialist nurse at diagnosis

Aimee Winfield *PROSTaid prostate cancer nurse specialist at the point of Diagnosis for prostate cancer at Dept. of Urology Leicester General Hospital talks about her work with patients.

(*Aimee’s post is jointly funded with UHL Hospitals)

Brachytherapy Treatment for prostate cancer patients

The Brachytherapy Team at Radiotherapy at NHS United Lincolnshire Hospitals

Dr Miguel Panades: Consultant Clinical Oncologist & Head of Service.
Mr Ian Mark: Consultant Urologist
Dr Thiagarajan Sreenivasan: Consultant Clinical Oncologist
Lucy Darby :Advanced practitioner in Brachytherapy
Chris Clague: Patient

Discuss Brachytherapy treatment and answer questions and patient Chris Clague relates his own recent experiences of his successful treatment.