What will my treatment options be?

Dependent on the hospital doctor that you see these options can vary. This can be confusing sometimes. It’s rather like buying a car. You want a Toyota and the person you are talking with wants to sell you a BMW as that’s what he specialises in! So it is important to ensure you get the treatment you want and the information you want and to find local people you can talk who have been successful treated in that way you want. We are happy to let you have any information you might need.

Yes, but it can be difficult to work out my treatment options? 

Of course because you are more than often shell shocked and worried to find you have prostate cancer, but most are treatable and beatable. So now you will need help and information and speak to people who have been on that treatment journey, who are there and willing to help you.  We are always here to offer help and support if you need us!

Does my treatment depend on what type of prostate cancer I have? 

Yes, broadly speaking there are two types of treatment. One for a localised cancer where the cancer is within the prostate gland and one where it has spread outside the prostate gland, advanced prostate cancer.

Click on the tabs below to see the treatment options for both Localised and Advanced prostate cancer