How can we help you?

Prostate cancer is a disease seldom, if ever, afflicting any two patients in precisely the same way. For this reason, we have set up our befriending support to meet the specific requirements of each individual. Our services are confidential and personal. Although approved and trained by UHL NHS Trust, most of our team are not qualified counsellors or medical personnel, but patients themselves. So the advice we give is generally practical rather than medical. Should you require specialist medical advice from our nurses you can access this (see below). Whilst we do not profess to have all the answers, neither do we seek to interfere in your personal life, we can offer you a broad range of positive experiences and practical insight.

We can respond… By listening to you
and putting you in contact with a network of people who have probably had similar experiences, who can offer practical helpful advice and who will allow you to discuss your own situation in your own way, whenever, wherever and however it suits you.

By offering up-to-the minute advice about the latest treatments and care available specifically to you

By explaining the passage of your illness through diagnosis, treatment and beyond.

By advising  you on benefits and help  which may be available to you and how to access them

By giving  you an outlet to discuss any concerns about your treatment or treatment options with other patients, individually or at our:

Support Groups

PROST aid runs five support groups in Leicester and Leicestershire run by volunteers who themselves have experienced prostate cancer and want to help you and your partner on your prostate cancer treatment journey and beyond.

Our PROSTaid prostate cancer nurses also come along to some of the groups & give their help, advice and support

As well as local consultants and oncologists and specialist nurses, researchers, and health professional all concerned with improving the care of prostate cancer locally.

General Information about the Groups

Rob Banner (Office) 0116 2888188


Leicester Social Support Group at the Cradock Arms Meet on the third Thursday of Every month at 7.30pm

Contact: Elaine Berry 01455 291752 or


Birstall Support Group, Birstall Golf Club Meets on the 1st Wednesday of every month 7am to 9pm (working with Birstall Bags Breast Cancer Charity)

Contact Nicki Bakewell on 0116 2584490 or Rob Banner on 0116 2888188



Melton Support Group, Room 4,  Samworth Centre Meets on 1st Wednesday of every month 7am to 9pm

Contact Bob & Jane White on 07766 162963 or 01664 563313


African/African Caribbean Talk Prostate Play Domino Men’s team meets weekly at a number of venues in Central Leicester. All black gentlemen of African Heritage are welcome for details of next meeting contact Pamela Campbell- Morris on 07717 376858

Next Meets: Contact Pamela Campbell Morris (see above)


Leicestershire & Rutland Prostate Support Group with Complementary Therapy at Coping with Cancer, Helen Webb House, 35 Westleigh Rd, Leicester LE3 0HH meets 6 to 8pm on the last Tuesday every other month If you would like Therapy, please book early on 0116 2230055 for   information contact. Rob Banner Trustee on 01i6 2888188



By offering support to your close family and relatives when you need it. You choose the type of support you want, and you set the agenda


What do you need to do next? Whatever stage you are on your treatment journey, we can help you.  Whether you need information about your treatment, special care and a visit from one of our nurses to give you comfort or support.  Alternatively, you can speak to fellow patients and their families who have had similar treatment, so they can give you the benefit of their experience.

For a relaxed and informal conversation with a local patient and member of the PROSTaid befriending team please contact:
PROST aid Patient helpline on 0844 8007801 (low-call)
For specialist and professional medical advice, call our own funded PROST aid cancer Nurses:

Aimee Winfield prostate cancer urology nurse at Urology Department,
Leicester General Hospital: 0844 8007797 (low-call) or

David Hames prostate cancer oncology nurse at Oncology Department,
Leicester Royal Infirmary 0844 8007782(low-call) or

or alternatively:

Stuart Berry Trustee/Director Support & Befriending: 01455 291752  or Rob Banner at the PROSTaid Office 0116 2888188