Robotic prostate cancer Prostatectomy

Mike Newell Patient & Mr Paul Butterworth Urological Surgeon talk about Robotic prostate Cancer surgery at the General Hospital Leicester using the DaVinci Robot.

Radiotherapy Treatment for prostate Cancer

Fiona Kirkland *Senior Radiographer & Bernard Ball Patient talk about Radiotherapy treatment  for prostate cancer at UHL Leicester Royal Infirmary

( *Fiona’s degree is sponsored by PROSTaid)

PROSTaid prostate cancer  specialist nurse at diagnosis

Aimee Winfield *PROSTaid prostate cancer nurse specialist at the point of Diagnosis for prostate cancer at Dept. of Urology Leicester General Hospital talks about her work with patients.

(*Aimee’s post is jointly funded with UHL Hospitals)

PROSTaid prostate cancer specialist nurse in Oncology

David Hames * PROSTaid prostate cancer Oncologist nurse specialist at UHL Oncology Dept., Osborne talks about his work with men with advanced prostate cancer.
(*David’s post is jointly funded with UHL Hospitals)