About PROSTaid

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  • PROSTaid was started in 2006. We are a local, registered, independent prostate & prostate cancer charity, based in Wigston, Leicestershire. PROSTaid   covers Leicestershire, Rutland and Northamptonshire, we rely on donations and bequests to continue our work and receive no government funding.  We are run by prostate cancer patients, families, friends and urological professionals.


  • Provide support & befriending. We provide Information  & counselling for all prostate cancer  & prostate disease suffers and their families given by local men who themselves have prostate cancer & diseases of the prostate!

Multi-ethnic men talking

  • Fund three unique Prostate Cancer Specialist nurses. In  2014, with help from Prostate Cancer-UK, we will be funding nurses in three locations in our area. Firstly at The Urology Department at  Leicester General Hospital, at the point of diagnosis. Secondly, at Cynthia Spencer Hospice, for men in Northamptonshire at the end of their treatment journey. The first ever Prostate Cancer Palliative Care community nurse in the UK. Thirdly at The Oncology Department at The Leicester Royal Infirmary. The first time there has been a metastatic palliative prostate cancer nurse in this important post.
  • Fund new  “cutting edge” treatments not available on limited NHS Budgets. Most recently the fiduciary gold seeds for local patients to ensure optimum safety of their Radiotherapy treatment.
    Funding a new Thulium laser and late 2015 /early 2016 the funding of the new HDR Brachytherapy. This will reduce treatment times by 40%  and will offer, in addition, a new minimally invasive treatment for the disease at the Oncology Department at The Leicester Royal Infirmary.
  • Raise awareness and educate local men and local GP’s. We run master classes for our medical professionals so prostate cancer amongst local men is spotted earlier and can be treated effectively.