Become a PROSTaid Friend

If you would like to help PROSTaid make a difference locally to the treatment and awareness of prostate cancer, please consider becoming a PROSTaid Friend. Click on the link below, fill in the form on your computer and then click on the send button.

Become a FRIEND and make a real difference! Organise a fund raising event Help as a volunteer at Fundraising events

  • Have a small change “Pennies from Heaven” collection box at your office or home.
  • Assist with collections and support fundraising events by attending with friends.
  • Make a single, or regular donation, or remember us in your will.
  • Take part in sponsorship activities, or help with administration tasks.
  • Purchase or sell PROSTaid Merchandise and raffle tickets etc.

How to become a PROSTaid FRIEND?

The easiest way is to click here and simply fill in the form  then click the send button to return it.

Or just telephone us on:

01455 636373 or 0116 2888188

Hear what our PROSTaid FRIENDS have to say!

“Working as a PROSTaid FRIEND, I have had a wonderful time and made so many new friends”
“I was glad to become a PROSTaid FRIEND especially after being successfully treated for prostate cancer. Ifeel I now can help by raising awareness and helping local men”.
“After I sadly lost my husband to the disease I found my life quite empty but now after helping PROSTaid as a FRIEND I feel I have found a new purpose”
“We are all busy people but if we have a few hours to give to help PROSTaid, it can make so much difference to these people who really need our help.”
“I was unable to help due to personal commitments but pleased to be able to give a donation to help this most worthwhile charity”
“At the time I had no intention of joining PROSTaid as a FRIEND, but looking back it was better than I ever would have imagined.”
“it was one of the best decisions I ever made and I have met more people and had more enjoyment from meeting and working with PROSTaid FRIENDS”.