Prostate Cancer Charity Founders

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Who are we?

We are a voluntary group of volunteers who have been affected by Prostate Cancer, founded originally in 2004 now an independent registered charity (No 1116935) with Trustees and a Management Committee.  We offer local support, information, befriending and awareness of Prostate Cancer.  We also fund two Prostate Cancer specialist nurses, one at the point of diagnosis and one working in the community  giving palliative care for local men with advanced prostate cancer, the very  first nurse in the UK!  In addition we fund new treatment equipment for local hospitals. Our Trustees are members of University Hospitals of Leicester Urological Faculty, patients who have been affected by Prostate Cancer and local professionals who bring the required skills to the Charity.
We serve the local cancer care network in Leicestershire, Rutland & Northamptonshire.

Our goals?

To raise funds to assist local Hospitals and clinics, in the acquisition of innovative, new equipment and facilities for projects undertaken specifically to advance the range and nature of treatments & care, available for prostate cancer sufferers. We are particularly keen to fund minimally-invasive treatments not yet routinely available in this country.

To raise public awareness of the initial symptoms, the nature and the treatment of prostate cancer, particularly within “at risk” groups (i.e. men over 45).

To develop and maintain an independent, local, support network for sufferers, which augments and complements the professional services offered by local hospitals and clinics. This is delivered by our two professional Prostate Cancer specialist nurses combined with our team of volunteer befrienders and helpline.

In due course, to establish a dedicated centre of excellence, specifically for the care and treatment of local prostate cancer patients .

What our funds are used for?

Our funds go towards the purchase of innovative equipment for hospitals and clinics within our area, the funding of two Prostate Cancer specialist nurses, one at the point of diagnosis and one working in the community  giving palliative care for local men with advanced prostate cancer.  In addition we offer  dedicated patient support providing information, befriending and a helpline to support local men and their families at this difficult time.  We  raise awareness of Prostate Cancer amongst local the local population. We have very low administrative costs, due to the generosity of local companies and our unpaid volunteers.  All our funds are aimed at helping local Prostate Cancer patients.

We have purchased  for the Department of Urology at Leicester General Hospital an Ultra Sound Guidance System, a Trans-rectal Ultrasound Scanner  and Probe which  was used initially for Prostate Cryotherapy  and conventional biopsies.  More recently this has been used  with great success together with two Stepper Arms and Templates, recently purchased, for Transperineal  Template biopsies for local men with raised PSA and initial negative conventional biopsies. This technique enables local men to have their Prostate Cancer discovered and treated early.  In addition we have purchased a Harmonic Scalpel for use  in minimally invasive Laproscopic Prostatectomies and two Holmimum Laser Filament Holders and other pieces of equipment. For the Urology  Department at Northampton General Hospital we have purchased a Robotic Camera Holder.

To date we have raised over £600,000 and, with  local public  and company help, we plan to pay for the introduction of  the new minimally High Dose Rate Bracytherapy to the Oncology Department, Leicester Royal Infirmary UHL Hospitals.This  new minally invasive treatment  involving day case treatment for early Prostate Cancer will mean that local men and men with advanced Prostate Cancer undergoing radiotherapy can be successfully treated  without a stay in hospital.

Our current aims include the wish to fund locally more care, support and awareness of Prostate Cancer, and to help and assist the introduction of minimally-invasive treatments which will not be immediately forthcoming due to limited NHS budgets. This will improve patient options and choices, reduce the time needed for procedures and minimise the overall impacts of treatment on patients. We will continue to improve the dedicated care and support facilities available to local patients through our PROSTaid Prostate Cancer nurses and our information and befriending service. Ultimately our aim is to support all this, through the establishment of a dedicated centre of excellence, built and equipped specifically for the care and treatment of local prostate cancer patients.

Our History and Achievements…

The initial Group was founded in 2004, with a Hospital Appeal, when several grateful patients sought to make a contribution to the hospital unit which had served them so well. It became a Registered Independent Charity (Number 1116935) and Company limited by guarantee (Number 5953090), PROSTaid,  in November 2006. Under the advice and guidance of members of the Department of Urology at Leicester General Hospital, we set about the task of raising funds to purchase at first Cryo Surgery equipment, which helped local patients. Over the years  our experience and the confidence has grown, our ambitions broadened and we have addressed the need to increase local care, support, befriending and awareness of Prostate Cancer.  Future goals are to continue to add a broader network of fund raisers, develop PROSTaid FRIENDS and to extend the local support for patients and their families with the our Helpline.

Money has and is being raised in many different ways including specific events such as raffles and sponsored events like walks, marathons, parachute jumps, dragon boat races, dinners, cycle rides, fishing matches, bowls matches and golf tournaments. We have run several musical events including an annual jazz & blues event and rock & roll evenings and even had one held for us in China! We in 2010 introduced a joint event with LOROS, the Leicestershire and Rutland Hospice, sponsored by  local Accountants Thomas May & Co - The Thomas May Executive Quest where local Chief Executives, Managing Directors and business leaders are challenged to complete a personal unique challenge.  This has been most successful and shown how imaginative the challenges can be and will continue its impetus of success for the future. We are very grateful to have received such considerable help from so many organisations like local businesses, Rotary and Lions Clubs, local churches, Masonic Lodges,  Bowls Clubs, Golf Clubs and Rugby Clubs. We have also attracted substantial donations from local charitable trusts and the national Prostate Action Charity that help to support our nurses.  In addition, many local and national businesses have helped us by providing donations, sponsorship and goods and services at no or minimal charge.

We are seeking to raise annually £150,000 and with your help, we will achieve it – come and join us!

Our Supporters

We would like to thank the many individuals, companies and organisations who have helped us in recent months.

These include;
American Medical Services • Archers Butchers • Asda • Ash & Lacey • Automedia • BBC Radio Leicester • Beaverbrooks Jewellers • Beesleys Garden Centre • Belmont Hotel • Blaby Lions  • Blackfriars Bakery •  Birdhouse Design  •  Keith Barwell Esq. • Brake Bros •   Caged Fish Web Design • Candy Heads Hairdressers • Caterpillar UK •  Colourworks Restaurant • Countryside La Vie • John Day • Don Leone Bistro • EV Technology  • The Everard Foundation and Everards Brewery Ltd  •Executive Talent •  f22Design  •  Flexpress  •  George Ward Charitable Foundation •  Harborough Mail • John Heaths Seafood • Heart FM Midlands Crew • Hinckley & Rugby Building Society • Hinckley Times •  Howes Percipal • HSBC •  Inkrite  • ITP Engines • Karinas Florist • Kuene & Nagel • Leicester City Football Club • Leicester Comedy Festival • The Leicester Mercury • Loughborough Building Society • Loughborough Echo • Malt Shovel Barkby • Market Harborough Building Society • Masonic Lodges in Leicestershire and Northants  • Maud Knight •  Mediwatch Plc • Meridian Maps @ johnewright •  Midland Co-operative Society Ltd  •  Midland Photography • The Musician Pub & Venue  •  Myprint 247 • National Grid • Next Plc •Next Step Property Services • Norman Underwood • Northampton Saints RFC  •  Northampton Chronicle & Echo  • Nucleartron • Nutties Fruit & Veg • Oadby Plastics • Perspektiv • PROhelp • Prostate Action • Rotary Clubs of District 1070  • Red Arrows Trust • Revolution • Rockhouse Foundation • Rothley Golf Course • Royal Mail • Saga Construction • Samworth Holdings • Nick Sherwin • Shoulder of Mutton Foxton • Sin Vision • Spearing Waite • Sturgess Motors • Tarratts The Jewellers • Thomas May & Co • TNT • Triumph • John & Jo Wigley •

If you think you or your organisation could be of help in any way large or small, please get in contact with us – all assistance welcomed

All Donations gratefully received